What is Sunday Drive?

Sunday Drive is a series of professional calming and meditative videos technically and aesthetically designed originally for people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Calming meditation has been proven therapeutic for people with autism, brain injury and folks who may be home-bound or residing in assisted living facilities. Each 90 minute journey features a singular theme for a visual and music based experience that can encourage memory and sleep.   

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Sunday Drive is set to cinematic background music and meant to relax the viewer...encouraging sleep. The videos intentionally contain no narrative, text, or plot. The images are enhanced to help overcome the vision loss particularly associated with dementia. The purpose is to mimic a classic memory drive or stroll through familiar surroundings.

Sunday Drive can assist in a reestablishing neural connections albeit temporary during the circadian sleep cycles, especially durning NREM. The programs in the library are particularly successful when watched with a group in a theater style setting encouraging conversation, interaction, and creating an overall positive communal experience. 

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