Driving Forward

# 1, "Eastern Iowa Parks" Lakes and parklands in Eastern Iowa

# 3, "The Madison County Bridges" Visiting all six bridges in Madison County.

# 4, "Sweden” Touring the Swedish countryside.

# 5, "A Visit to the Art Museum" The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.

# 6, “A Sunday Boat Ride” Enjoying a day on lake Okoboji.

# 7, "Classic Cars and a Small Town Parade” A town full of classic cars and a small parade.

# 8, “The Flower Gardens” Nothing but flowers.

# 9, “Biking on the Nature Trail” A slow bike ride on the Sac & Fox Trail.

#10, "The Arboretum” Walking through the Dubuque, Iowa Arboretum in the fall.

#11, "Canoeing on a Lazy River” Floating down the Maquoketa River.

#12, "A Tour of Italy” Venice, Piza, Florence, Amalfi Cosat, Pompeii, and Rome.

In Production

#13, The Pella Tulip Festival

#14, a walk along a rushing river bank

#15, a winter's day (Snow Day)

#16, a visit to the nature center and walking the trails

#17, a day on the farm

Below is a short example of some new places we will visit with a Sunday Stroll.

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