Special Edition

This is an unprecedented time in our history. The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on everyone, and how we live our daily lives. While we all need to exercise prudence with socially distancing and sheltering in place, we see the effects of isolation and lack of human contact. As we all continue to navigate through these unique and evolving challenges, I would like to do what I can to give us a respite from the stress and frustration. Many people will not or can not venture out of their homes and with that in mind we are offering the The Sunday Drive video series as a FREE streaming or download offering to anyone.

The current series of twelve 90 minute adventures will be available for the next sixty days (longer if necessary) as a download or streaming from our internet home. You can get to the series by clicking HERE or going to the Sunday Drive examples page. There you will find information about the series concept and the twelve two minute trailers to review.

I hope Sunday Drive serves the community as it provides an outlet to give back to folks. Let me know what you think about the series. If you would care to contribute to the ongoing production costs, you can contribute online at Sunday Drive - Special Edition or address a personal contribution to Wayne Anderson, Producer/Driver, Sunday Drive, 3928 Central Ave, Alburnett, IA 52202

Thank you for watching Sunday Drive. Relax, enjoy, and stay safe.

Wayne Anderson, Producer, Sunday Drive.

(DVDs can still be purchased from the Purchase Page.)


Sunday Drive - Special Edition


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